Booking a place on the Summer MATHS Refresher Course

Email or call Jane to reserve a place.

Email:  Phone/Text: 0787 1819 034.


We will send you a short questionnaire for your child to complete. This is to find out more about their maths likes and dislikes, and targets.


We will ask what time your child would like to attend lessons. Then 

we will put you in touch with one of our experienced tutors.  


Your tutor will contact you about the classes and will also suggest a video chat with you and your child before classes start, so everyone can meet and your child can ask any questions. 


Your tutor will send you payment details, so you can pay and confirm your child's place on the course. 


Terms and Conditions for Summer MATHS Refresher Course

Definitions and Interpretation


Client: The party requesting Tuition.

Lesson: A period of time during which the Tutor promises to engage in Tuition for the Client, for which the Client promises to pay the Tutor.

Tuition: Any service supplied by a Tutor which has been requested by the Client.

Course:  The summer maths course which is one hour a day for four days, 23rd to 26th August 2021.

Course Fee: Amount charged for the full four day Summer Maths Course.

Lesson Fee: Amount charged for a one hour lesson.

Tutor: The party offering Tuition for which payment is expected in return.

If you, the Client, request Tuition with a Tutor then you agree to abide by the Terms and Conditions stated below:


Lesson Cancellation

  1. If the Client cancels the Course less than five days before the Course is due to begin, for a reason other than an accident or an emergency, then the Client shall be obliged to pay a cancellation fee amounting to half of the Course fees, which will be a maximum of £40, unless another student takes the Client’s space.

  2. Unfortunately if a student misses a lesson during the Course the payment cannot be refunded to the Client.

  3. If the Tutor cancels the Course after the Client has paid for the Course then the Tutor will give the Client a full refund.

  4. If the Tutor cannot teach for any of the days of the Course, then an alternative tutor will be found. If an alternative tutor cannot be found or if the replacement is not acceptable to the Client then the Tutor will refund any payment that has been made for that lesson.



  1. The Client shall pay the Course Fee directly to the Tutor. The payment recipient will be the Tutor unless otherwise stated.

  2. The Client shall pay the Tutor the Course Fee or fee for agreed number of lessons, before 18th August 2021.

  3. The tutor in no way will act as a caregiver. Students must have an adult present during any and all sessions.

Please note: 

This is only a short course and so it will not cover every maths topic. Tutors will decide what topics are studied in the course they are giving. You are welcome to ask about the topics before the course starts.


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