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Help your child with GCSE maths revision over the summer holidays

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

Five A Day

Mr Corbett, of Corbettmaths, has produced a range of books called GCSE MATHEMATICS, FIVE-A-DAY to help students revise and prepare for their GCSEs. The idea is that your child answers five maths questions a day on topics they need for their maths GCSE exams, and for students going into the final year of their maths GCSE course there are questions for every day of the summer holidays.

Each page has the date at the top, so that your child is kept motivated to complete the page for the day, like keeping a diary. The rest of the A4 sized page has the five questions, well spread out and with space for calculations. All this is also available online, and so you can download and printout the dated sheets if you do not want to buy the book.

Five questions a day is perfect as it is a doable daily commitment, and regular short practise is a great way to keep skills going and to build confidence for when questions on these topics come up in school revision. The questions are well thought out and topics are repeated. So if your child needs to revise to answer the first question on a particular topic, they will then get another chance to check their knowledge when a similar question arises on a different day.

For students going into Year 11, or taking their GCSE in summer 2022, the questions go over the summer break with five questions for every day in July and August. So your child can practise maths for ten to fifteen minutes each morning (or lunch time if you do not see your teenager before then) and still have plenty of time for relaxing.

The workbooks and online daily worksheets are broadly divided into levels: Foundation (grades 3 and 4), Foundation Plus (grades 4, 5 and 6), Higher (grades 6 and 7) and Higher Plus (grades 8 and 9).

There are answers at the back of each book but the online answers also show the calculations needed for each question. Having the full calculations is really useful for your child when they’re unsure where they have gone wrong or need a reminder of a method.

If you don't want to buy the book or just want to your child to dip in and out, or check which book level is best, then download some pages of questions.

If your child would like the satisfaction of working through a book then they are not expensive at £5.99 each. There are two books for each level and you need Book 2 for the five-a-day questions that go over the summer holiday before Year 11. (This means Book 2 is suitable for any students taking the exams in summer 2022.) Postage and packing are extra, and although that is very reasonable within the UK, the rates for sending abroad can be expensive, so you should check with Corbettmaths.


To find the online 5-a-day questions:


Move down the page till you get to July and August questions.

For answers, go down the page and click on the answers link for that month and then go to the correct level.

If you have any comments or questions, do contact me by email:


or go to my website https://www.mathsathome-online.co.uk/

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