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Help your child with GCSE maths revision over the summer holidays: 2

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

Practise GCSE questions that focus on one topic at a time

There are websites where you can find past GCSE papers for your child to practise but the questions on these exam papers go from one maths topic to another, and what your child may need is a bit of time to focus on each topic separately.

Maths Genie and Maths Made Easy (MME) are two free websites which offer worksheets with compilations of GCSE level questions by topic. These are good resources for your child to practise a range of questions on each area of maths.

Maths Genie and MME also have the topic papers listed by their GCSE grade. This is very useful if you want to know the approximate grade of the work that your child is revising.

GCSE grade 6 topics listed on the Maths Genie website, under 'GCSE Revision.' There is a video to help revise each topic. 'Exam Questions' is a set of questions to practise. The ‘Exam Questions Booklet' has the same questions but in an exam layout. All the workings and answers are in ‘Solutions.

The worksheets on each topic cover many of the types of questions that can be asked. It is really useful for your child to have practised the different ways they can use their topic knowledge to solve questions.

For both websites, be careful about assuming the grade level of every question on a worksheet is the same. Generally questions get more difficult as you go through the papers and it is possible that the beginning questions could be a lower grade and some of the end questions may be a higher grade than the listed overall grade. To help with this problem the MME website gives a grade to each question within the paper.

Maths Genie and MME both have videos to explain each topic and how to work through questions, so your child can revise using the videos. Personally, I prefer the explanations and range of questions shown on the Maths Genie videos.

Both website videos are also great for parents to refresh their maths skills too! Remember to have a pen and paper with you so you can stop and do the questions in the video as it goes along.

MME gives worked answers to the questions in the topic papers but I think that the Maths Genie calculations may be easier to follow if your child needs to see where they have gone wrong or learn a method.

Remember that in maths there can be more than one way to solve many problems and, whereas Maths Genie and MME papers only give one solution, the GCSE mark scheme allows for different methods. If you are not sure which way your child has been taught to solve a problem, check in their school book or look through their homework for this topic.

Working through the range of topic questions that could come up on a GCSE paper is a really good way to revise that topic and make sure your child is prepared for their GCSE exams. Both MME and Maths Genie provide useful practise questions and together your child will have a wide range of problems to solve. If I only had time to use one of the websites then I would choose Maths Genie because I think it is easier to use, the videos are excellent, the question papers have a wide selection of questions and there are fully worked out solutions for all the questions.

Here are the links to the GCSE revision pages on Maths Genie and MME:

Maths Genie https://www.mathsgenie.co.uk/gcse.html

MME https://mathsmadeeasy.co.uk/gcse-maths-revision

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