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Additional information for students

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What to expect in your lesson

Computer desktop

You will be learning on a computer, 

or a laptop or a tablet. 

You will be sent a link which you 

can use to get into your class.

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Your teacher will show you how to do your maths either by presenting the work on your computer screen or by sharing a jamboard with you.

If you have a tablet available then have that handy as it is ideal to write on when you do the jamboard work.


Your teacher will ask questions as you learn, so you will be very involved in all the lesson. 


You can ask your teacher questions at any time, even if it's just a little thing you want to check.

If your teacher thinks you are not sure of how to do some maths they will talk it through. And if you are not confident you are always welcome to ask the teacher to explain something again.

What to bring to your lesson

Remember to bring your calculator to your lesson.

You will need it to help you answer questions.


Remember to bring paper and a pen to your lesson so you can write down notes and work through questions. 

Also, if you have a pen that works on a tablet or interactive screen this would be very useful for jamboard work.

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Remember to bring:

a pencil,

a ruler,

and a rubber

to the lesson.

Also bring any other maths equipment you have.

What to think about before your first lesson

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Pencil and notepad

Are there any maths topics that worry you?

Are there any maths topics that you think you did not quite understand or that you feel you need to practise more?

Make a quick note of any topic that is worrying you. If you are not sure what the topic was called then write down any words you remember from that topic, or even an example question.

You or your parents can tell your teacher and then your teacher will go over the topic in a lesson.

Just for fun!

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Pencil and notepad
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Have fun practising your maths!

Below are a few links to Transum, a free website which you can use to practise your maths skills.


You do not have to practise skills before you come to a lesson - this is just for fun!!

Here is a link to a fun adding game called Discombobulated:


Transum helps you practise lots of different topics. Below are some examples. Try a topic that you have worked on at school.

Each topic is in levels, so you can do an easy level or click on a more difficult level. Mark your answers by clicking on the 'Check' button at anytime.

Basic maths skills



KS3 and KS4 topic  (Choose the higher levels for questions on frequency and grouped frequency tables.)


KS4 topic/GCSE topic


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