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Student Doing Homework

The Lesson

Lessons are friendly and relaxed. Making sure the student is comfortable, confident and positive about maths is very important.


Care is taken to work at the right pace for each pupil. Where pupils are finding a topic challenging, the lesson is planned so that all building blocks are checked first and then the difficulty level is gently increased through the lesson, so that the student is confident at each stage.

The teacher can explain points using an interactive whiteboard or jamboard, or other software. Students are asked questions throughout the lessons and for written exercises they are encouraged to use jamboards. When students work on jamboards the teacher can see all the student's calculations as the student works through the questions - this is really useful to check understanding. 


Sometimes students can't use the jamboard or it is better for a particular exercise to use paper. When working this way, students can explain to the teacher how they have solved problems. 


Students are set questions throughout the lesson so they are always practising the maths and are kept very busy!

Working at Home

The group option

In group lessons two or three students of the same ability work together in the class. 


The structure of group lessons is the same as  for individual students, but students share a jamboard, or take it in turns to answer questions when working verbally or with paper. 


As students will cover the same work, it is important that all students in the group are working at the same sort of pace and level. So, group lessons would suit students who are in the same group or parallel groups at school, or who have the same predicted GCSE grade.

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